Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bad boys and Nice Guys

Are you a Nice Guy?
Well stop being so nice.
The problem for Nice Guys is that women say they want to be respected but then turn around and date a Bad boy.
The reason bad boys get more action is simple.
Bad boys are willing to provoke women and tell women that having sex is a great thing they should be doing together.
Women want sex as much as men, but most are not willing to be the provocateur.
Bad boys are really good at making women feel its o.k. to be wild and enjoy sex.
I think what happens is real Nice Guys are more about respecting a woman then sexing her and many women care more about sex then respect.
Consider women that are willing to play the role of Jump Off.
This is the problem I see with women who refuse to take leadership in this arena.
I do not think anyone should be treated as nothing but a tool to get off.
Well, I doubt many men really mind this role for themselves, but women should be careful about accepting this role due to what it teaches men; that its o.k. to have sex with and not care about a woman's feelings.
See, men are not as emotionally attached to sex as women tend to be.
Women who attempt to act like a man's equal in this I think are hurting themselves and womankind.
I can see why women would prefer to be used by a Bad boy, since they can depend on this guy not getting emotionally attached.
Now so its clear to you Nice Guys, if she is dating Bad boys it means she is not ready for a Real commitment.


Here is this other theory I been thinking about.
I call it the Double Chase Theory.
The way I see it in this scenario, a woman needs to be able to chase the man as well as be chased.
The way it plays out is that the Bad boy chases her for her body, but not her heart.
She in turn then starts to chase him for his heart.
This way both have the opportunity to chase and be chased.
Both become predator and prey.

Nice Guys with a focus on winning her heart are already offering theirs and do not allow the woman an opportunity to be the chaser.

So what's a Nice Guy to do?

What's your priority, to establish a relationship or to just get laid?
My current thinking is that you avoid trying to establish a relationship.
If she wants one then let that be her opportunity to chase to win your heart.
For now if your a Nice Guy, I say just give her a warm smile and let her know you like her and want to spend quality time, then kiss her the first chance you get.
Offer her your body but make her earn your heart.

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