Monday, April 20, 2009

[Verse 1]
Young men please be careful with, the young ladies.
Dont do the things, you know that guys do.
Cos’ shes growing up and showing it, you know she believes.
So dont make it harder, than it has to be.

Dont let nobody, treat her rough.
Be the one to back her up.
Weither she do or dont put out.

Tell her thats shes,
Wonderful, Beautiful, Fabulous,
Tell her thats shes,
Got someone, To stand by for the roads,
Tell her thats shes,
Everything, you praid for, and even more, you adore her.
In and out the clothes,
Shes your Ghetto Rose.

[Verse 2]
Young men please be careful with, your own ladies.
Dont do the things, you know that guys do.
If theres anyway your gonna keep, a family.
And everything as precious to you.

Dont ever ever, treat her rough.
Be the one to lift her up.
And dont you ever shut her out.

Tell her thats shes,
Wonderful, Beautiful, Fabulous,
Tell her thats shes,
Got someone, To stand by for the roads,
Tell her thats shes,
Everything, you praid for, and even more, you adore her.
In and out the clothes,
Shes your Ghetto Rose.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ok, time to start some controversy, maybe. ;)

- So, I read this article by @ScottMcKay the other day. In it he spoke on the issue of men and women and power.

- He said when men chase sex, women have all the power, but when they seek a commitment, men have all the power.

- I think @ScotMcKay is right, and that ...

- women prefer the power dynamics of a man that wants her for her body as opposed to the vulnerability they feel with a man that wants her <3

- In addition, women assume any man that speaks of emotions early on must be a liar.

- So women are more comfortable with a man that professes he wants her body as opposed to one that wants her heart.

- Women today are just not prepared to accept a high level of emotion early on.

- I am now of firm belief that the urban women I meet today would not even consider a relationship until after they have sex.

- In a separate study, @ScottMcKay said most women do not have sex on the first date.

- Most women I have met do not have a problem with sex on the first date, so long as I am is willing to take responsibility for the idea.

- I've disappointed and confused a few women when I did not take them to bed the same night.

- All they wanted was sex and no second date was scheduled.

- I have like sex, but women who need me to give them permission to be the freak they know they are annoy me.

- This is why I prefer having a relationship to dating.

- I think women like to complain about men using them, but women are just as guilty these days.

- I think women today lie to themselves more then men lie to women.

- People should stop wondering why they keep ending up in bad relationships.

- Take responsibility for the standards you are using to choose partners.

- I feel most women think that being submissive to an Alpha male is still the best move.

- I want a woman that is my equal so I will lean towards being Beta and stay single.

- With my last long term relationship, of almost ten years, I waited almost a year.

- Sex should be between lovers, but today its treated like a sport.

- Dating and having sex are not the same thing, though some view it as such.

Your thoughts?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Man Who Did Not Believe In Love


"There was once a man who didn't believe in love. This was an ordinary man just like you and me, but what made this man special was his way of thinking: He thought love doesn't exist. Of course, he had a lot of experience trying to find love, and he observed the people around him. Much of his life had been spent searching for love, only to find that love didn't exist.

Wherever this man went, he would tell people of his thoughts and opinions on love. This man was highly intelligent, and he was very convincing. What he said was the love is just like a drug; it makes you very high, but it creates a strong need. You can become highly addicted to love, but what happens when you don't receive your daily doses of love? Just like a drug, you need your everyday doses.

He used to say that most relationships between lovers are just like a relationship between a drug addict and the one who provides the drugs. The one who has the biggest need is like the drug addict; the one who has a little need is like the provider. The one who has the little need is the one who controls the whole relationship. You can see this dynamic so clearly because usually in every relationship there is one who loves the most and the other who doesn't love as much. You can see the way they manipulate each other, their actions and reactions, and they are just like the provider and the drug addict.

The drug addict, the one who has the biggest need, lives in constant fear that perhaps he will not be able to get the next dosage of love, or the drug. The drug addict thinks, "What am I going to do if she leaves me?" That fear makes the drug addict very possessive. "That's mine!" The addict becomes jealous and demanding, because the fear of not having the next dosage. The provider can control and manipulate the one who needs the drug by giving more doses, fewer doses, or no doses at all. The one who has the biggest need completely surrenders and will whatever he can to avoid being abandoned.

The man went on explain to everyone why love doesn't exist, and how what humans call 'love' is nothing but a fear relationship based ... So many promises are made to each other: to live together forever, to love and respect each other, through the good times and the bad times but after marriage, you can see that none of these promises are kept.

What you find is a war of control to see who will manipulate whom. Who will be the provider? And who will have the addiction. You find that a few months later, the respect that they swear to have for each other is gone. You can see the resentment, the emotional poison, how they hurt each other, little by little, and it grows and grows, until they don't know when the love stops. They stay together because they are afraid to be alone, afraid of the opinions and judgments of others, and also afraid of their judgments and opinions. But where is the love?

The man went on and on about all the reasons why he believed love doesn't exist.

The one day this man was walking in a park, and there on a bench was a beautiful lady who was crying. When he saw her crying, felt curiosity. Sitting beside her, he asked if he could help her. He asked why she was crying. You can imagine his surprise when she told him she was crying because love doesn't exist. "This is amazing--a woman who believes that love doesn't exist!" Of course he wanted to know more about her.

He asked her why she felt that love doesn't exist and she told him about her marriage and how she and her husband had both lost respect for each other. She told him about how they hurt each other, and at a certain point she discovered that she didn't love him and that he didn't love her either. 'But the children need a father, and that was my excuse to stay and to do whatever I could to support him. Now the children are grown up and they have left. I no longer have any excuse to stay with him....There is no sense to look around for something that doesn't exist. That is why I am crying.'

Understand her very well, he embraced her and said, you are right; love doesn't exist. We look for love, we open our heart and we become vulnerable, just to find selfishness. That hurts us even if we don't think we will be hurt. It doesn't matter how many relationships we have; the same thing happens again and again. Why even search for love any longer?"

They were so much alike, and they became the best friends ever. It was a wonderful relationship. They respected each other, and they never put each other down. With every step they took together, they were happy. There was no envy or jealousy, there was no control, and there was no possessiveness. The relationship kept growing and growing. They loved to be together, because when they were together, they had a lot of fun. When they were not together, they missed each other.

One day when the man was out of town, he had the weirdest idea. He was thinking, 'Hmm, maybe what I feel for her is love. But this is so different from what I have ever felt before. It's not what the poets say it is, it's not what religion says it is, because I am not responsible for her. I don't take anything from her; I don't have the need for her to take care of me; I don't need to blame her for my difficulties or to take my dramas to her. We have the best time together; we enjoy each other. I respect the way she thinks, the way she feels. She doesn't embarrass me; she doesn't bother me at all. I don't feel jealous when she's with other people; I don't feel envy when she is successful. Perhaps love does exist, but it's not what everyone thinks love is.'

He could hardly wait to go back home and talk to her, to let her know about his weird idea. As soon as he started talking, she knew exactly what he was talking about. She felt the same way. They decided to become lovers and to live together, and it was amazing that things didn't change. They still respected each other, they were still supportive of each other, and the love grew more and more.

The man's heart was so full with all the love he felt that one night a great miracle happened. He was looking at the stars and he found the most beautiful one, and his love was so big that the star started coming down from the sky and soon that star was in his hands. Then a second miracle happened, and his soul merged with that star. He was intensely happy, and he could hardly wait to go to the woman and put that start in her hands to prove his love for her. As soon as he put the star in her hands, she felt a moment of doubt. This love was overwhelming, and in that moment, the star fell from her hands and broke in a million of little pieces.

Now there is an old man walking around the world swearing that love doesn't exist. And there is a beautiful old woman at home waiting for a man, shedding a tear for a paradise that once she had in her hands, but for one moment of doubt, she let it go. This is the story about the man who didn't believe in love.

Who made the mistake? Do you want to guess what went wrong? The mistake was on the man's part in thinking he could give the woman his happiness. The star was his happiness, and his mistake was to put his happiness in her hands. Happiness never comes from outside of us. He was happy because of the love coming out of him; she was happy because of the love coming out of her. But as soon as he made her responsible for his happiness, she broke the star because she could not be responsible for his happiness.

No matter how much the woman loved him, she could never make him happy because she could never know what he had in his mind. She could never know what his expectations were, because she could not know his dreams.

If you take your happiness, and put it in someone's hands, sooner or later, she is going to break it. If you give your happiness to someone else, she can always take it away. Then if happiness can only come from inside of you and is the result of your love, you are responsible for your own happiness. We can never make anyone responsible for our own happiness, but when we go to the church to get married, the first thing we do is exchange rings. We put our star in each other's hands, expecting that she is going to make you happy, and you are going to make her happy. It doesn't matter how much you love someone, you are never going to be what that person wants you to be.

That is the mistake most of us make right from the beginning. We base our happiness on our partner and it doesn't work that way. We make all those promises that we cannot keep, and we set ourselves up to fail."

author- anonymous (got this from a friend on MySpace)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Stand By Me - Beautiful International Version

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McHammer poses the question, "Please define what a real man is... A Real Man is a ...."

Here are some enlightening (and in some cases disturbing) replies to the question posed. There is definitely some agreement on some things. Which of these replies do you agree with? Do you have anything to add to this conversation?

-A real man has Integrity.
-A real man is....Not afraid to ask the question!
-a man that isn't afraid to say and portray his true emotions.
-A Real Man is a gentleman who knows how to stick up for his lady
-an amazing father
-..Hmm a real man is someone that can walk away instead of fight..thats what i think one is..a real gentleman
-A real man doesn't CHEAT!!!
-a real man is honest, loyal and kind
-a god fearing honest supportive dedicated family man!
-A real man is not what he can conquer but what he can provide... comfort, compassion, love. These make a real man,
-...a man who owns up to his mistakes
-man that isnt afraid to show his tru feelings.. not afraid to cry and show the sensitive side.. is confident not too confident
-......someone who treats others with respect
-A real man is a man who's not afraid of responsibility, who treats his lady like a queen, not a whore, a man who's respectful
-who takes care of his family and himself and loves the LORD and not afraid to admit it!!!!
-a real man is caring and dependable
-A real man will have no problem showing affection, isn't stubborn, and knows when to let go of a fight and let her win.
-a real man is too legit to quit.
-he also has heart, soul and a wicked sharp mind. he's independent. oh, and funny. yes, funny.
-man who changes diapers, washes dishes and cooks me a meal from time to time instead of thinking it is always the womans jobs
-is not afraid to cry, doesn't lie and can make you laugh..gotta have a sense of humo
-someone that knows how to treat a lady!!
-ez a real man is everything most men ain't lol mature not afraid to admit when he's wrong, truthful n has to have manors.
-we dont know cuz if we did, we wouldnt still be lookin for one
-one who listens and pays attention to the little things that make me happy
-A real man is a man who loves unconditionally and without fear.
-man who listens, who doesn't judge, who opens doors, who loves you when your at your best but mostly when you're at your worst
-A Real man is never afraid of his feelings and letting a real woman be the queen she is meant to be!
-is one that doesnt have to prove he is
-a real man could spend 30 minutes painlessly and lovingly detangle your hair but be wise enough to know when to pull it a little
-matter who's around. A real man is a man who admits when he does wrong, who will love his lady for the woman that she is
-among other things...A real man will stand up for when he is right but be willing to admit when he is wrong....
-a REAL man is patient
-Tells You The Truth Even When The Truth Hurts!
-A real man, doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. He knows who he is.
-witty, considerate, mannerd person with a wicked good sense of humor
-A real man is one who follows Christ and takes care of his own.
-a real man acts with honour, dignity & courage. He stands by his family, isn't afraid to cry & he puts the seat down!
-He is a man that steps up to responsibilies no matter the backlash or consequences. A real man loves his wife & family always
-is not afraid to cry when warranted, is protective and passionate
-A real man doesn't have to define non-sexual things as gay or straight. He's already comfortiable with who he is to care.
-A Real Man is an honest, stand-up dude
-a real man is supportive, poetic, isnt afraid to show affection in public, isnt afraid to be a stay at home dad for the womans job
-A Real Man is a Man who Loves Jesus and Adores/Loves/is Faithful to his wife and treats her like a jewel.
-friend, lover, protector, but mostly a devoted follower of Jesus
-a real man is a man who isnt afraid to cy in front of a girl
-A Real Man is an Honest Man...
-A real man has respect for himself and confidence; which inturn makes him respectful to women and treat them right!
-a real man is a father
-a man who will love you unconditionally and will do whatever it takes to protect you and make you happy!!
-A real Man can stand up and face his mistakes, handle his responsibilities, pay child support & treat his woman as equal.
-A real man, doesn't have to prove anything to anyone. He knows who he is.
-man who respects his woman and loves her more than anything else and who has a future planned for success
-A Real Man is...respectful!
-a real man is somebody who is not afraid to bond physically, spiritually and emotionally in a respectful matter to better him &her
-A real man is a gentleman, nothing looks better on a man than good manners.
-A Real man is never afraid of his feelings and letting a real woman be the queen she is meant to be!
-one who is confident, takes care of his family, God Fearing..and supportive
-god fearing, protector, wise,provider and encourager
-a real man is what salt & pepa sang about back in the day! who can be honest, vulnerable, strong, safe and decent. Who treats everyone with respect.
-one who has the courage to be honest with himself, the humility to revere God, the modesty to treat others with respect
-...a man who owns up to his mistakes
-a REAL man is sensual
-a guy who will pay attention to you
-a real man is a father, husband, friend, and your rock when ever you need him!
-is a guy who can show emotion, live life to its fullest & sticks to his beliefs at all costs. vulnerable and strong. And he can be both simultaneously.
-A real man is not a jerk.
-man that is not afraid to show alitttle sensitivity
-a great man loves Christ, family and that order! whose actions are human first, male second. Don't *act* like a guy; act like *you*.
-who knows what to do, without you telling him what to do
-someone whose actions speak louder than his words.
-A real man is a God-fearing, God-serving man - body, soul & spirit.
-a real man is a God fearing man, a man that is not afraid to be the man whom he is destined to be
-a real man makes a woman feel SAFE, i.e, is strong, confident, good listener, doesn't judge, honest, respectable
-a real man is someone who isn't afraid to talk about his feelings and show his emotions
-a man who's after God's own heart...
-A real man is a present father, a compassionate human, and someone that can stand strong on their beliefs.
-tough,but shows weakness...hard,but shows his soft side,honest,trustworthy,and a good son,also a Daddy...not just a father
-A real man is responsible, accountable for his actions, and means what he says and says what he means.
-A Real Man is a Godly, Righteous man, that leads his family to Christ by his own life
-gentleman and loves God more than he loves you.
-a real man is sensitive to his womans needs whilst not compromising his own
-A Real Man loves the Lord, one woman faithfully and his children. he worships, loves and works hard
-man who can protect and cry; a person of truth and love.
-A real man is someone who loves himself. If you can't love yourself, who can you love.
-a real man eats STEAK, drinks BEER and is trustworthy! Hope that
-A Real Man is a friend who stands by you through thick or thin who can still kiss u(or more)goodnight no matter how bad things get
-hmmm... There are many facets to a real man, but he is one that takes responsibility for his own actions, be they good or bad
-a man that won't LIE or CHEAT on you!!!!!
-GOD fearing man.
-I think a real man is a God fearing warrior, seriously.
-hes strong & still capable of being emotional, confident not cocky, business saavy with thug appeal, god fearing and intellectual
-Real Man is a ....ONE THAT LOVES GOD FIRST.
-A Real Man is one that is comfortable with himself and confident and does what he says and means what he does.
-loving, respectful, man of god, who knows your worth and doesn't second guess himself
-a real man is a guy who works hard, treats women with respect, stands up for what he believes in and is trustworthy.
-Take care of All His Responsibilities
-a Real Man is someone who is there for you when the rest of the world walks out!
-gentleman who opens the door for you and who doesn't leave the toilet seat up*LOL*
-a real man is honest, willing and loving
-real men have the balls to be honest and not play games. And they like real women not bimbos..
-bottom line for me, a real man is one who is sure of himself in Christ and works at getting closer and closer to Him. period.
-is the man who sticks through your good and bad days.
-an unselfish lover, who puts the good of his family above himself, is strong, and makes a living in the service of his fellow man.
-A Real Man is a Listener
-real man is to know the retrospective of and respect and it will make ther mama proud=)
-a real man is the definition of a fairytale god. Strong, yet empathetic.
-...a constant work in progress who always strives to better himself and his family.
-a real man is strong enough to know when it's ok to show his weakness, and use it to teach His family about Gods love...
-A real man knows how to treat a woman and his family right, no matter what. And knows that family comes first. Always.
-...a GENTLE MAN...more than just pulling out chairs...
-Works hard and plays less..simple!
-A real man can make me laugh nig. That's all it takes.
-is a loyal man.
-A real man is a man who puts God in his life first, loves himself and treats his woman as he treats his own body.
-strong enough to be compassionate and understanding enough to forgive imperfection for starters.
-is someone who takes responsibility and takes care of himself and his loved ones. someone who gives unselfishly to his loved ones
-not afraid to cry or laugh at him self and not afraid to admit a mistake.
-a real man is a provider as well as protector of his family. He is honest and dependable and deserves the respect he gets.
-He knows how to make me happy & doesn't have a problem putting his ego aside :-)
-A real man is a man who isn't afraid to be his true self and who is a productive contributor to society in some way.
-A real man doesn't hide behind false sense of confidence (don't know themselves)
-a man is not a man just because he is over 21 a man is a man by the choices he make and do and say
-a real man is someone who treats his girl right and talks to people, not at them.
-A real man is one who makes a woman feel secure enough not to want to control him cause she knows he will do right..
-a real man is a man who loves and takes care of his family. He makes decisions with them in mind and always protects them.
-Among other things, a real man is honest.
-theres no one definition but he WORKS at being the best person he can be that includes honesty integrity
-...compassionate, considerate, patient, loving, understanding, strong, proud, intelligent, worldly person.
-is a man who has accountability for the things he says and does.
-one who has big respect for himself and others? :)
-man commited to his values and people, a man that will never give up on you and you can always count on him for support n care!
-a real man is a certain man.
-A real man is someone who respects a woman as an equal!!!
-man who can admit when he's wrong
-A real man can admit when they are wrong.
-a real man is a man that respects woman and takes care of his responsibilities
-not afraid to show his emotions
-A real man puts his family's thoughts and well being before his own in every decision he makes.
-a real man is one who is not afraid to show raw honest emotion!
-A Real man is one who knows how to give and take respect, and who can show his love in HER love language. :-)
-a man who realises that all men and women are equal.
-leader and takes responsibility.
-a real man is a great lover, listener, supporter, looker, humorous, talented and always 'fresh'
-A real man is confident without being cocky
-He listens, analyzes and recognizes there are areas where he has strengths, then uses his strengths to support, not destroy.
-A real man loves God with all his heart, soul and mind! :)
-a provider a protecter a companion a spiritual inspiration a educater and a motivater
-A Real Man Take care of All His Responsibilities
-a real man is someone who takes care of his kids and wife and gives back when he can
-A Real Man is a Man that respects women and treats them like a queen, but still maintains his "macho" ways
-A Real Man is 1 who lives as God intended. Who takes care of home and any babies outside home :)
-A real man is someone who respects a woman as an equal!!!
-a provider, lover, protector, man of christ, understands a woman and can fulfill her every want, need & desire.
-a real man, prays, loves, protects, gets down on the floor and plays with the babies, changes dirty diapers, loves his family.
-..lover and a fighter. Fighting for what he loves!
-a real man is a man that respects a womens rights and is royal and true to others, and rarely hates anyone at all
-a real man is patient and understanding. That's all he needs to be.
-a real man is an honest man.
-a ReaL man is honest, caring, loyal, dedicated, LoVing, HarD working, focuseD, "ReaL" FaithFilleD, CleaN
-A real man will make sure your children have food, clothing and shelter even if he has to live on the street!
-is one who walks in the purpose God has defined for him.
-A real man is generous, selfless, loyal, dedicated, attentive, romantic, funny, gentle & defender of women & children.
-A real man is a hard worker.
-A real man is not afraid of the truth - either telling it or hearing it!
-is a man who is God fearing....a women should hide herself so deeply in Chirst that a man will have to seek him 1st to find her
-loves on the lord, takes care of his, holds heavy convos 4 the mind, strong & sexy frm the INSIDE out OH! & knws a womens touch!
-A real man is not afraid to be flawed and he lets the ones closest to him know those flaws.
-A real man is a loving & kind soul.One who is gentle,but firm.One that... Read More:
-a real man is a man who professes his love, protects his woman, and who provides for his family
-person who stands by there women supporting her 100% without any jealousy or insecurities...
-a real man is a dead man (dead to self).
-A real man will buy tampax without freaking out! ;-)
-A real man keeps all promises made,listens and knows that becoming one in a relationship takes constant hard work
-Must be a gentlemen!
-a real man is fearless , honest, cautious, sensitive - all under the right "timing" , & for unselfish reasons.
-a real man will always be there for you no matter what
-one who listens with his ears, not his dick
-A real man is never afraid to apologize or to love unconditionally.
-a Real Man is a protecter, provider, lover, friend, comic, dancer (bad or good) and always there when needed.
-A real man is a man that can submit to GOD at all times... That proves his strength.
-a real man to me is someone who put god first and can become a father to another man child
-A real man is...real, trustworthy, honest, faithful, knows himself as well as me.
-A real man is kind gentle soul who is honest, hardworking but never complains about it, and he is not cocky but has confidence
-A real man takes care of his family and listens not ignores.
-a real man to me is simply a man that knows how to handle business. Take care of his responsibilities,be it kids,family,wife,work.
-a real man doesn't hit. A real man tucks his kids into bed, loves his wife, and doesn't hurt animals.
-man who not only respects his wife, but also his mother-in-law.
-A real man is a man who twitters and keeps us updated on feelings, goings on, events
-A real man is someone who goes after what he wants without apology or fear. Although...real women do that, too.
-but someone I can count on and who will always defend and at the same time respect my independence any day.
-a real man is not afraid to express himself honestly and A real man makes me feel like a real woman
-an honestly, loving, hardworking man; not afraid of mistakes and humble in his ordered step. Mature, thoughtful and loving.
-a real man is one who will admit when he's wrong, who isn't afraid of other's opinions, and who's not afraid to show his emotions.
-A real man defines himself. He doesn't need you to define him.(:
-someone who loves you more than himself
-A real man is not afraid to be himself. Loving, strong, understanding, caring,can be corrected if needed and follows God
-A real man shares his easter chocolate with his signifigant other :)
-when you start seeing your man as a essential factor in your life then he is a real man.
-a real man is an honest man, and one that LISTENS to his woman! :)
-a man who is there for his kids no matter what
-a man that is motivated to be established honest caring romantic willing to keep things mutual faithful loving a real man
-A real man fixes you chicken noodle soup when you are sick.
-is someone who can love openly and honestly & never takes more than what he cannot give of himself,in life,love and all he does
-a real man puts god 1st- is not afraid to show emotion,strong enuff to raise his children and always a good friend 2 his lady...
-A Real Man is a man of his word
-a real follows the Lord !st so that his family will respect and follow him. He works hard and gives back without expecting back
-A real man is someone who takes care of his girl!
-a real man is an honest, upstanding, faithful individual!!
-a real man is a man isn't afraid to love his woman and his children more then his ego
-lover, not a fighter
-man who fights for your honor.
-...Someone who is 100% truthful, goes above and beyond for the ones he loves, faithful, loyal, praises God for blessings
-a real man is a man who will love u forever no matter wat u look like and who makes an effort no matter wat and can keep a promise
-a REAL man doesn't bail on a female because she is depressed...a real man takes some responsibility for cheating
-a real man is a man who loves his mother and takes care of his kids
-a man of integrity and values. These are reflected in his everyday decisions and actions.
-knows himself, what he wants and doesn't, what he can do and not, what he can offer & not, and is 100% honest with himself & women
-A real man=100% truthful, goes above and beyond for the ones he loves, faithful, loyal, praises God for blessings
-a man who is willing to love a woman on her worst days, unconditionally.
-true to himself and the one he loves
-a Real Man is a man who takes care of his responsibilities & is not afraid to own up to his mistakes. 1 who will right his wrongs
-someone loyal caring and understanding emotionaly supportive.. a real woman makes her own money doesnt need a man she wants a man
-A real man is one who can do the dishes in one breathe, get under the hood of the car, come home and draw me a bath....
-A Real Man is a respectful gentleman with old school values,a rare find these days,a Real Lady will attract & keep her Real Man
-A real man will say "no" to me, which, from what I hear, is damn near impossible.
-a man who loves you even if you're crazy....
-A real is a man who loves God, because if he loves God he will love you.
-a real man is a friend first and foremost
-aithful, honest man!
-A Real Man is Walking as closely to God and as Christ-like as humanly possible
-takes himself seriously and not controlled by his mom- not addicted to sex and *avail* to & desires the right 1
-a man whose steps are ordered...
-knows that the purpose for his strength is not to abuse or dominate her but to shelter her & provide a haven for her to flourish
-on the real--A REAL man is the essence of God manifested in the character of man. In order to know this one must know GOD!
-A real man is a loving son father and friend.He is also a strong confident humble and caring person and also a protecter&provider
-A real man is a loving son father and friend.He is also a strong confident humble and caring person and also a protecter&provider
-A Real Man knows you can find hot, smart, chicks at the bookstore.
-defined by a real woman. Not every woman deserves a real man. A real man enhances what a woman already has instead of hindering it
-A real man is someone who loves you for exactly who you are... Someone who makes you feel matter what
-a real man is someone who will dance with me anywhere, anytime and who makes me laugh everyday!
-a real man is one who can laugh with u like a girlfriend, protect you like a superhero, listen to u like your mother, and ...
-a man who loves the Lord; because if he loves God, he'll do right by the woman God has blessed him with.
-a real man doesn't work his woman to death when he see's she's been at work all day, has come home, made dinner, fed the fam, washed clothes, taken out the trash, walked the dog,
-a great father with infinate patiance.
-a real man is a man who knows what he wants and goes after it.
-A Real Man is a in sanskrit means mind and a real man has a good one.
-A real Man has integrity and a solid demeanor, good at what he does,and embraces new challenges as he embraces those he loves
-real man-one who does right when no one is looking and says not a word of his good deeds!
-A real man is a secure but compassionate person who carries himself with the upmost dignity at all times
-Hi Hammer a real man is a man that loves & respects his woman, but put God above all else
-A real man is one who loves God, prepares his children to succeed, respects and values women and believes in an honest living.
-a real man is one who will not be afraid to ask for directions.
-A real man is one isn't afraid to show his feelings, a strong role model/but not over-powering & isn't afraid to laugh at himself
-A real man admits to having regrets, regrets indicate an internal spiritual conscience, has morals and recognizes morality overall
-But most important - a real man puts God first in his life & is not ashamed to share that with others...
-a really man is someone that isn't afraid to cry
-a real man is respectful and god-fearing! Amen!
-real men loves Jesus :) and takes responsibilty for their actions!! Yeah!
-a real man is first of all a man who loves GOD, loves his mother and sisters. He treats all women with respect
-a believer of God, an inspiration to many, a protector, hard working, loyal, faithful, passionate, respectful, loving
-a real man believes in the lord and instiles that value in his family. Is a protector and a provider.
-however many jobs necessary, makes his family feel protected. Respects women, himself, his marriage/relationship.Trustworthy
-a real man is a man who walks rather then runs
-real man.courageous enough to bring growth in weakness/ wise enough to lead through adaptation of self..humble enough to BE love

Monday, April 13, 2009

Listening To Sharpies: Jacques' Broken Headphone Story

Listening To Sharpies: Jacques' Broken Headphones Story from Jacques Morel on Vimeo.

I guess this is it for now. AndreaMonique is moving on to other things. I pray for her continued success.

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Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: Saul Williams "Coded Language"

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Drea's Def Poetry Monday's: Rafael Casal "Ken and Barbie 101"

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