Monday, March 15, 2010

PSA- Living on the Edge - Subway Safety

Last week a woman lost her life because of following one bad decision with an even worse decision.
If you live in New York City you may have seen the story in the news.

From what I have gathered, she dropped her bag and it fell on the train tracks.
Then she went down on to the tracks to get it back.

Her first bad decision was to be standing so close to the edge of the train station platform.
If she had been standing the recommended three feet away from the edge, her bag would most likely not have fallen on to the tracks. It would have fallen on the platform and it would have been a simple matter to pick it up.

Her second bad decision is obvious to all of us.

Too often we make decisions without fully considering the possible consequences to ourselves and to others.

I feel sad for this woman and for her family. I am angry at this woman as well. She made an ignorant decision and followed it up with a stupid one.

She overvalued her property and undervalued her life.

How about you? Do you have your priorities straight?