Monday, February 23, 2009

Originally written
Sunday, September 23, 2007

America at War
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Today our government wants to fill us with fear over the possibility of terrorism. Over and over we get shown the devastation that happened in New York City.We are being told that we must be on the watch out for radical islamist forces who want to destroy us.

The real enemy does not come from Islamic countries. The real enemy is in the mirror. Our own ignorance and our inability to think for ourselves and instead take for granted whatever information we are provided by the media is the true danger.

We are being asked to give up, peace by peace, the freedoms that millions of Americans have fought and died for since the founding our our country. Are we going to sit by and have our freedoms watered down?

Do we want to live in a country where we can be picked up by government forces and made to dissappear, with no access to family or a lawyer? Guess what, its already happening. Our congressmen and senators have approved of laws that allow our rights to be ignored "In the interest of National Security." So basically, if some government type decides we need to be made to dissappear because they say we threaten National Security, then we're gone, no trial, no chance to defend ourself.

All this is being allowed by our lack of involvement. Our choice to simply focus on only our lives and how events directly effect us will come to haunt us. To have a country worth living in, we need to be constantly on the lookout for how we are all treated and make sure our government gets spanked when they act in ways that deny us our fundamental freedoms.

So, what am I asking us to do?

We can start by opening our eyes and looking at the big picture and not simply the microcosm of our life.

We can start by writing all your representatives and telling them that our fundamental freedoms are not to compromised for any reason.

We can consistently vote. I know some of us think our vote is insignificant. In fact it is not. With every vote we show that we care about what is going on. Showng our leaders we care and are ready to take action is the most significant thing we can do.

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