Monday, February 23, 2009

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Monday, February 04, 2008

Love at first sight?
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Do you believe in Love at first sight? I think that belief in this concept must begin with a true understanding of what it means to Love. Some people think that Love is something that just happens and for which we, the individual have no control whatsoever. I do not see it that way. What I do not have control over is who I am attracted to, because attraction is all about the DNA and the Chemistry. There are those that would argue that the Chemistry is the definition of Love. How many relationships with Chemistry have died on the vine? Chemistry is not Love. Chemistry and Attraction are factors in Love. These and other factors are what help us come to a decision on how we want a particular relationship to go forward. The decision to establish and build a relationship to one with more trust, interdependence and intimacy is the decision to Love. The concept, therefore, of Love at first sight is not so strange, then, if you consider that different people require different amounts of time to come to a decision. Some simply use the attraction factor to make this decision while others use chemistry. If you real unlucky, you get both. j/k lol
But seriously, attraction combined with chemistry can drive people crazy and its easy to see why so many poems, songs, and books have been written about this torture we allow mother nature to put us through. But lets get back to my original question; what of Love at first sight? Is it possible? Of course it is. A DECISION can be made in a microsecond. Whether its a good decision or not takes a lot longer to figure out. Real long lasting Love takes people who are willing to work at it. Yes, it takes work! Who ever told you it was supposed to be easy lied to you! Some couples make it look easy, for sure, just like Michael Jordan makes basketball look easy. Jordan will tell you that his ability was not a simple gift from God. God gave him opportunities, opportunities which Jordan was able to take advantage of because of the hard work thru hours of practice he put into his craft. Relationships are no different. We have to put in the time and effort to make it to the pros and we can never stop practicing if we want to stay on top. As many have learned to their dismay, Chemistry does not always last. For many couples this is the end of their relationship. They will make a decision that the Love is gone. Please remember, Love last for as long as we decide to show Love.

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