Sunday, April 11, 2010


I am trying to understand what Equality means today. When I look around I see different groups who say they are equals, but who get indignant when you ask them why they still demand special treatment if they are true equals.

The truth is that Equal treatment under the law does not exist and I wonder if it ever has.

There are many areas I can take this subject. Tonight I will focus on Women.

How is it that between the hours of 9 to 5 women want to be treated (read- PAID!) no differently than men, but after the work day is done women still insist it is the role of men to pay for all dates? Even women who make three times the money than men makes still expects the men to pay!

How are women ever going to be viewed as true equals if they insist on this contradiction between the work place and the social scene?

How are men supposed to ignore your femininity during work hours and then give it special treatment after work?

Oh, a note to successful women that think men are intimidated by your success:
For centuries it has been custom for the more successful, higher ranking person (read - man)to pursue the affections of the less successful person (read - woman)
Less successful people that pursue more successful people are seen in a bad light (read - gold digger) Men are not pursuing you because you don't need them. Men have been trained to pursue women that show they NEED a man. If you are presenting yourself as someone who does not NEED a man, then it makes sense that men do not pursue you. My suggestion to successful women is to act a bit more EQUAL and if their is a man that interest you that is not as successful as you are, ask him out. He will be flabbergasted, I am sure, but you best learn the true meaning of Equality or risk staying single. This new paradigm may take time to adjust to, but if you don't face it you will suffer for it.

Ladies, if you cannot LEAD a man he will never consider you his EQUAL!
Sure, men will give this Equality thing Lip Service, but deep down in their hearts they still will think women are "less than" because of the insistence of many women on holding on to the perks of being seen as the "weaker sex."

The intimate relationship between a man and a woman is the Strongest relationship bond that Influences how men see women. Every time it is said, "this is a man's job/role" your saying women are Incapable of performing this function.

Perhaps we should give up this notion that women are the equal of men.

From what I have seen thus far, few women are prepared to be a man's equal.

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