Sunday, April 19, 2009

Ok, time to start some controversy, maybe. ;)

- So, I read this article by @ScottMcKay the other day. In it he spoke on the issue of men and women and power.

- He said when men chase sex, women have all the power, but when they seek a commitment, men have all the power.

- I think @ScotMcKay is right, and that ...

- women prefer the power dynamics of a man that wants her for her body as opposed to the vulnerability they feel with a man that wants her <3

- In addition, women assume any man that speaks of emotions early on must be a liar.

- So women are more comfortable with a man that professes he wants her body as opposed to one that wants her heart.

- Women today are just not prepared to accept a high level of emotion early on.

- I am now of firm belief that the urban women I meet today would not even consider a relationship until after they have sex.

- In a separate study, @ScottMcKay said most women do not have sex on the first date.

- Most women I have met do not have a problem with sex on the first date, so long as I am is willing to take responsibility for the idea.

- I've disappointed and confused a few women when I did not take them to bed the same night.

- All they wanted was sex and no second date was scheduled.

- I have like sex, but women who need me to give them permission to be the freak they know they are annoy me.

- This is why I prefer having a relationship to dating.

- I think women like to complain about men using them, but women are just as guilty these days.

- I think women today lie to themselves more then men lie to women.

- People should stop wondering why they keep ending up in bad relationships.

- Take responsibility for the standards you are using to choose partners.

- I feel most women think that being submissive to an Alpha male is still the best move.

- I want a woman that is my equal so I will lean towards being Beta and stay single.

- With my last long term relationship, of almost ten years, I waited almost a year.

- Sex should be between lovers, but today its treated like a sport.

- Dating and having sex are not the same thing, though some view it as such.

Your thoughts?

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